Monterey Bay

Sea Lion Family

Dad and Chris did a commissary run in the morning, while we chilled. Dad’s Navy career allows him access and Chris is allowed to accompany him. No sales taxes and lower prices makes it a great deal. Later, Anne and I headed to downtown Monterey. The paper had advertised a pop up market in Custom’s House Square, but I should have read the article more closely, because instead of an every weekend event, it was a once a month thing and not on this weekend. Also a state park, we toured it’s little museum. The section devoted to native Americans looked a lot like some of my mom’s pieces.

We eschewed Fisherman’s Wharf, a crowded tourist trap for the Coast Guard’s pier. Along this pier we saw dozens of sea lions, plus starfish, sea anemones, sea urchins, cormorants and one lone sea otter. All close up and from above. Returning to the house, Anne saw a Ring-tailed cat that walked by our bedroom window. Actually not a cat at all, but related to raccoons. Normally, they are nocturnal, but during mating season they do appear during the day. Previously, we saw one in Zion. It was dark and we saw it near the visitor’s center, while we were headed back to our campsite.

Sea Otter from Coast Guard Pier

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