Classic Sea Otter

Sea Otter with Sea Urchin Snack

Today was a rest day of sorts, our first full day in Monterey. We did laundry and then afterwards, we made it to the coast. First we went to Asilomar, but it was too windy to last there long. We drove around the Monterey peninsula to Pacific Grove, which was a little bit out of the wind. We saw several new spices of birds. We also saw a sea otter, who was feeding on purple sea urchins. Global warming has allowed the purple sea urchin to thrive up and down the the West coast, where this animal has devastated the kelp forests. Everywhere except near Monterey, where the predations of the sea otter has controlled their numbers.

Just inland from Asilomar Beach is the conference center where the original TED Talks began. According to this morning’s paper these Ted Talks are slated to restart this summer. I’d often had wanted to attend one of their sessions, but the ticket price was prohibitive. No matter, because they eventually surface on YouTube. The paper said that they are expanding the conference center to accommodate a hybrid virtual and real world format. This might make them more accessible online in the future.  

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