Hare Ball

Hare Ball, Andy Parkinson

We are in Monterey now, the western terminus of this summer’s westward excursion. You can’t really go much further west from here, at least by car. We’ll be hanging here with Dad and Chris for two weeks. Towards the end of which Dave and Maren will join us here. Then we’ll rocket east to be home in time for our next social engagement, but I don’t want to think about that drive just yet. Our diet (life style change) fared better than expected after a week of the high life with Frank and Kathy. Anne still managed to lose four-tenths of a pound and I only gained a tenth. Pretty good all around considering. Pictured is this year’s grand prize winner in the California Academy of Sciences annual Big Picture nature photography contest. When I first saw it, I texted this photo to Joanie who loves rabbits. Joanie is now recovering from surgery, which seems to have gone well.

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