Lawn Art

Lawn Art
On the way to Frank and Kathy’s place, we passed by the pictured front yard, which I first took to be an amusement park, but is in fact someone’s idea of lawn art. Oh, deer! Frank gave us the skinny. At a county supervisor, he knows everyone around and they all know him. Sort of an occupational hazard. So far, on every day Frank has had a meeting. He is in the mist of working out budgets. Even though it is a small rural county, Amador still has an annual budget approaching $100M, of which about a quarter is still discretionary. So, the money is not just chump change and everyone wants a place at the public trough. He even has a meeting today, even on his birthday. Frank first ran for supervisor in 2016 and was elected the following year, after a runoff election. He was re-elected last year, but after this term is done, he is thinking of retiring.
Big Horned Sheep

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