Quilting Retreat

We’ve arrived at Frank and Kathy’s place, where they live in the Gold Country, near Sutter’s Creek, the birthplace of the 1849 gold rush. They have a nice home, out in the country, on a wooded lot. They have two dogs, three cats and uncounted chickens. Frank took us to the Kennedy Mine, an old gold mine, once the deepest mine in the world. He is a docent there and can get us in to see it. Kathy wrote the grant that got the mine listed on the national register of historic places. More about it tomorrow. After the mine, we visited a rental cottage that Frank and Kathy own. Originally, it was the mine’s supervisor’s house. It backs onto Sutter’s Creek. Latter in the week we’ll all head up to Tahoe, where they have a lodge. Kathy earned her living in biotech, but her family made their living by selling dirt. Their Company, called Allen Valley Loam sells dirt to all of the major baseball teams in California, where it prized by groundskeepers for its excellent ballfield properties. Pictured is Kathy’s King Elliot Quilt, created by Kathy Allen, first published in her book, Modern Scot Quilts. We are sleeping beneath it while we are visiting them.

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