We easily made it the 600 miles from the Grand Canyon to Sequoia. Getting up before dawn probably helped. It was 48 degrees when I got up, but an hour later just south of the park it had gone down to 36 degrees. I wonder if the hot air from the canyon helped keep us warmer? Later, when we drove through the Mojave Desert, we noticed that every highway overpass had a name labeling which wash, ditch or creek we were crossing. A couple of interesting ones were Badger Wash (We don’t need no stinking badgers.) and the Old Dad Wash. Which reminded me of my own “wash” the previous night. There is little cover out west here. I was using my shower bag that had onced earned me a proposition during RAGBRAI. Several mature ladies came by, walking their dogs. Anne tried to engage them, in order to distract them, but I think that her efforts only afforded them the occasion to gawk further. In other news we got a great glimpse of Elon Musk’s new Starlink internet network. This stream of brilliantly light satellites flashed across the sky and were brighter than the brightest stars. We saw only maybe a hundred of the planed thousands of satellites to come. In the Dark Sky designated Grand Canyon, Anne was not amused.

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