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Yesterday, we went to Forest Park for our walk. It was a gorgeous day, both warm and sunny. In contrast today is both cold and rainy and it is supposed to snow. What a difference a day makes. The park was crowded, especially for a Monday. I guess a lot of other people had seen the forecast too and decided to get outside while the getting was good. We didn’t walk all that much. Didn’t really need to, because I had done some yard work in the morning and Anne had done a bunch of housework. We parked near the boathouse so that we could look for owlets. On the way out we didn’t see any and there weren’t any other birders around to helpfully point them out for us. Anne started counting species sightings, eventually get to seventeen. We made it to the far side of the Dear Lake circle. Like I said, we didn’t walk that far, even if it did take us all afternoon. In a swampy section near Deer Lake is where we saw the sandpiper and the snapping turtle. We also met a woman there, also a birder, who we spoke with. Her bird species count for the day was up to thirty-seven and she was trying to get to forty. Don’t we feel like pikers? Returning to the car, we met two other birders who were also hunting for the owlets. We never did find them, but we did find Charles, the patriarch of the Great Horned owl family. With his sighting that means we have individually seen the entire owl family now. Which is a good thing, because the trees have pretty much leafed out, making owlet sighting much more difficult than it was before.

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  1. tell Anne that both 17 and 37 are prime numbers. So it’s sort of like they saw the same number of species. 😉

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