Great Horned Owlets

Great Horned Owlet

We had just finished our walk in Forest Park. Anne had found fifteen different bird species, but nothing very noteworthy, just all of the usual suspects. We were in the car and had just started driving home when Anne spied this owlet. I quickly pulled over and parked. There were a couple of other women already watching them. There were actually two owlets that had just fledged within the last week. Both women knew Mark of Forest Park Owls fame. Mark has been following these Great Horned owls for years and years. Charles, the patriarch has been the thread running through this story. Sarah, his first mate died, but the old guy got a new mate, Sophie, and is obviously still in the game. Mark names these birds. I had kind of lost track of this owl family, when they moved their nest. Racoons had evicted them from their old home. They have found a new one only a few trees away. The owlets have flown from the nest tree to two different neighboring trees. Now that we know that they are there we’ll be sure to look for them again soon, like maybe tomorrow.

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