Butterfly Kite

Butterfly Kite

Another day, another first in a year. It is so nice to be vaccinated. We went to the art museum for the first time in a year. It was a nice day, so we bookended two outdoors walks around our museum walk. The art museum is in-between shows now, so we just perused the regular collection, looking for new items that have been placed on display over the last year. There were not as many rotations in the collection on display as I had hoped for, but we were able to search them out. After a while though, I got tired of wearing a mask, so we headed outside again.

This weekend, my brother Chris is supposed to begin his vaccination process. He’s going to get the two-shot Moderna variety, so his immunization will take about six weeks. This will commence the countdown clock for us to be able to visit my family in California. Everyone there will be vaccinated by then. We’ll probably take two weeks to get their, doing some camping and sightseeing along the way. Looking forward to hitting the open road again. I just took the RAV4 into Toyota for its 10K checkup. It too us fourteen months to get to 10K. I don’t plan on it taking so long to get to 20K. Time to plan for a road trip.

Anne and I got out for a walk today, beating the rain. On our walk Rey called. They are planning on visiting us in June, for his birthday. They should all be immune by then. We’ll have to do something to try to child-prof the house. We did it once before, but that was over thirty years ago. I don’t think that it would pass muster now. There planned visit will nicely bookend the completion of our California trip. This vaccinated lifestyle is great. We even met and spoke with two other people on our walk today, both vaccinated or about to be. 

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