Snake in the Grass

Garden’s Garter Snake

Yesterday, we went to the gardens and found this garter snake in the grass. We played pestering paparazzi with it until it gave up its photo and then we left the poor thing alone. There were more flowers in bloom this week than last. The magnolias were in fine fettle.

Dan and Britt called while we were at the gardens. They have found a new apartment that they like. It’s in Brooklyn, in East Williamsburg also-known-as West Bushwick. So, a better neighborhood than where they are now.  It is in a new building, but if they score the place, it will be a five story walkup. An opportunity for some exercise. It is a little smaller than their current apartment and a little more expensive, but it has a covered balcony with an excellent view, with no tall building to obstruct the view.

Anne got her hair cut this morning. I waited in the car and waited and waited. Afterwards we walked in Forest Park. It was still a little chilly, but on this first day of spring, people were acting like and dressing like it was much warmer than it was. It is supposed to hit sixty later today. Time for some gardening.

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