Sour Grapes

Grapes on the Vine

A funny thing happened to me at lunch the other day. It was our usual luncheon fare, quesadillas and grapes. I first wolfed down my quesadilla and then started in on the grapes. They were the end of the package of grapes, so to finish it up, I had served extra big portions. Anne couldn’t finish all of her grapes, but I did. Towards the end though, my mouth started feeling kind of finny, kind of tingly. My lips swelled up, like when I get a bee sting and my throat got sore. I finally figured it out, I was having an allergic reaction to the grapes. 

It has been a couple of days now and the swelling is mostly gone. My throat is no longer sore either. I googled it and grape allergy is a thing, but I’ve been eating grapes daily throughout the pandemic and before. Fortunately, wine does not have any similar effect. Unfortunately though, just before I had my reaction, I had ordered another bag of grapes. Aptly enough, the brand is Passion Fire. They were very tart. I am leery of eating any now. It may not have been the grapes themselves, but could have been some chemical on the grapes. 

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