2 Seniors Shot in Columbia Mall

Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Fire Away

Fortunately, they were only flesh wounds. Actually, there were way more than two. It was like an old folks convention. So, I’m not throwing away my shot… Ba-da-da-dum! Yes, we got vaccinated. We drove the two hours to Columbia to get our vaccines, because our governor doesn’t want to provide vaccines to anywhere near where black people live. We got the J&J one dose shot, officially the Janssen vaccine. It is supposed to be effective after one week, with full potency after four. The vaccination site comprised three empty storefronts in the Columbia Mall, one check-in room and two vaccination rooms. I was faster with my paperwork than Anne, so as I waited around for the extra twenty minutes after my shot, I wondered where she had gone. Had she chickened out at the last moment? No, she was in the other vaccination room, as I discovered when I joined her there. The drive out was easy, we arrived way too early, but on the return run, we ran into Saint Louis rush-hour traffic. We hit our five-minute vaccination window on the dot, but as I learned later, they were kind of loosie-goosy about punctuality. We could have gotten our shots earlier and skipped the traffic altogether. They turned away walkups, except those with a good story. On the drive back, I first thought that I has soreness in my shot arm, but later decided it had more to do with holding the steering wheel for four hours. Last night, Anne developed some flu-like symptoms and is still laid low. 

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