It’s Cold Out

It’s Cold Out

I’m feeling a wee bit isolated. We are here home alone. We’re both quarantined and snowbound, but at least we still have power, not like in Texas. The house is reasonably warm inside, at least sitting by the space heater or lying on the couch, under a blanket. Just don’t go down to the basement, where it is very cold. I’ve taken to running the faucet on the basement’s sink, in order to keep the pipes from freezing down there. In a fit of self-pity, I started pawing thrown old photos from our last trip to Florida. I did manage find some good ones that I will be doling out the rest of this week. They reminded me of warmer and happier times.

It snowed a little last night, such that when I went outside to get the paper this morning, I noticed that on the sidewalk, there no footprints in the snow, which is pretty unusual. It’s snowing again now and is supposed to snow all day long and again tomorrow. So, I can’t even convince myself to go outside and shovel the walk. We’re not expecting much more than six inches, but that will be more than enough to cover the grass. My lawn looks as good as my fancy neighbor’s does. 

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  1. You had better get started on than shoveling Mark, it’s pretty heavy and your not as young as you once were. Remember small bites saves your back.

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