I Love You

I Love You

We are enjoying a cold (0º F), but cozy Valentine’s Day. I turned up the heat. We ordered delivery, Vietnamese from Mai Lee. Anne ordered a soup dish and got two liters of broth to go with her mountain of vegetables and tofu. I ordered a chicken and vegetable dish, which had leaked and was also amply proportioned. I guess that we will be enjoying Vietnamese cuisine for the next few days. Earlier, I had made a grocery delivery order, which arrived with a little extra, anchovy paste. While I was wondering what the heck I was going to do with it, the delivery person texted me that she wanted it back, which was fine by me.

Well the Senate Republicans stood by their man and acquitted the Donald, even though he has been a faithless suitor and even tried to kill them. The GOP are in an abusive relationship and it is not going to end well for them. Apparently, you really can get away with murder. It’s anybody’s guess where we all go from here. We are in uncharted territory now. Thank goodness for @Jack for finally pulling the plug on his Twitter. Going forward would have been unimaginably worse if he was still tweeting all day and through the night. Now he has to make do with just memos, embossed with his faux presidential seal, as if.

Our diet that is not a diet is going rather well. We’re on the eve of our two week anniversary and I’ve lost almost ten pounds and Anne has lost five. Our official weigh-in day is tomorrow. We’re able to eat almost anything, just in smaller portions. Going forward, I expect the pace of weight loss to moderate. Slow and steady will eventually win this race. I still have a long way to go, to get where I want to be. All this writing and thinking about food has made me hungry though. It must be time for some lunch.

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  1. 10 lbs. In two weeks? Are you missing any appendages? D’ja recalibrate the bathroom scale? Extraordinary bowel movement? Achieve enlightenment perhaps? Mazel Tov!

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