Gimme a Shot, Make it a Double

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The director of the metro Saint Louis Covid task force (a doctor) complained publicly this week that our area is getting less than half the number of vaccines it is entitled to, based upon the number of people who live in this area. Our metro area comprises 34% of the state’s population, but has been receiving only 17% of the state’s vaccine allotment. Our governor said that he was lying, but next week’s vaccines are now expected to be double of what has been distributed this week. I think that it is our Republican governor who is lying and I wonder what kind of correlation we would see between those who have already received the vaccine and his campaign’s donor list.

Meanwhile, in Missouri vaccines have been distributed on a county by county basis and because of the relatively few number of vaccines available in the Saint Louis area, enterprising people have taken to search other out-state counties for vaccine availability. Taking advantage of their good internet connectivity and available free time seniors are scouring the state and getting appointments. This sometimes entails having to drive hours, but many deem that it is worth it. If the vaccine won’t come to you, then you have to go to the vaccine. We have not stooped to this practice yet, but in light of this week’s news, maybe playing by the rules and trying to be fair is only cheating ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Gimme a Shot, Make it a Double

  1. How is it cheating to make an appointment for vaccination say Jeff City? Would you be taking the place of someone who actually resides there? Would you need to provide an inaccurate proof of residence? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Becca is getting a vaccine in a different county. She has to go back to school, and their county just doesn’t have enough in time for school.

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