Vaccination Victories

Get Protected. Get your Vaccine today!

We got a doubleheader of great news on Monday. Harry, received his first Covid vaccine early Monday morning. Jane texted us the good news. Kudos to Jane for making it happen! Harry is now also scheduled to get his second dose in a few weeks. The other good news item was that I was able to schedule my dad’s first vaccination appointment for Thursday. In Monterey, the county has a website, but for a week it was like an impenetrable wall. All appointment opportunities listed were full and there wasn’t anyway to even leave my dad’s name for any in the future. I turned to the state and was able to get him signed up on their site. I also enlisted an app that like a good little bot pinged Monterey’s site every few minutes. I got more than a few false alarms, as the site’s director make a number of housekeeping updates, but Monday morning the dam broke. A week’s worth of new spots opened up. I was able to snag the earliest time at the closest place for him. I felt a little guilty about employing this bot technology, something that many of his competing septuagenarians or older did not have, but I also feared that I was also competing with the best and brightest from Silicon Valley. In the end, neither fear was justified, because checking again, eight hours later there were still plenty of appointments. In the end, I was just following behind Jane.

Meanwhile, back here at the ranch, the news is not so good. Missouri is still dead last, this time tied with Idaho. The local news has begun to take notice of this situation, hopefully riling the public. Maybe Josh Hawley could spare a few minutes from his busy insurrectionists schedule and attend to the needs of his constitutes? I expect that is too much to ask of him, because he could care less. 

Brooklyn – Monday Noon – Can you find the Prius?

Can you find the Prius? Back east, the boys are hunkering down in a snowstorm. NYC is expecting the brunt of the storm, with a couple of feet, but Boston is also expecting its second big storm of the season. I’m sure Puck will be pleased. 

2 thoughts on “Vaccination Victories

  1. Congratulations! Couldn’t happen to nicer Dads. Glad your bot savvy. Dont fret none bout your own inoculation. Heard a state rep in Missory got busted selling amniotic fluid as a Covid cure-all.

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