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Two conversations, one face-to-face, the other via Zoom. We met Bob for lunch. It was warm enough to eat outside. With the aid of two space heaters, it was sometimes too warm, but then that old north wind would come whipping around the corner, just let you know that it is still January. He picked a good day to visit.

He had come to town on business and called on Pfizer. The site that he had visited doesn’t make the vaccine per se, but they do make the plasma construct in which the vaccine is suspended. The facility was on high alert after one day a man emptied his shotgun into the air, from their parking lot. They called the cops, but he was gone before they arrived. The police asked if they had gotten his license, but were told that no way was anyone going anywhere near him.

We had eaten so much for lunch that we skipped dinner and ended up snacking on carrots and humus during our Zoom call. King Corwin, king of cuteness was the star, but Becca and Rey did most of the talking. Anne and Becca knitted and during the meeting. Anne was making mitts and Becca a cap for Corwin.

With Bob we caught up on news of our respective families, but the topic of Dave’s pending nuptials was an important topic in both conversations. Another common topic was what did you do during the pandemic. Other than not much, we went to the cabin and everyone else just worked from home. We tried to make plans for this year, but with all of the uncertainty surrounding the vaccine that was hard to do. We’ll have to wait to see what this new year brings for us.

Well, I think that this is enough writing, without really saying anything. These were private conversations and I don’t care to disclose anymore details from them. They were both great events and I relished having them, but suffice to say, I’m looking forward to some alone time today. 

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