My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus

Yesterday, we undecorated our Christmas tree and took it outside. It now stands in the backyard next to our bird feeders, providing our feathered friends there some additional cover while they feast from our bounty. We packed up all of our decorations and hauled all that stuff back down to the basement until next season. I put away the bicycle X-mas light decoration, but at Anne’s request have left the window lights up for a while yet. Our Christmas is now over, except for all of the chocolate and turkey still left.

First thing that morning Anne’s phone began dinging. She got a pair of texts from the USPS announcing the imminent delivery of the package that we mailed to Dave and Maren last year. Their two-day delivery eventually spanned two-months, but it finally arrived safe and sound. After it arrived, we were treated by a barrage of photos from the appreciative recipients. All’s well that ends well.

I watched My Octopus Teacher last night. This Netflix documentary tells the story of Craig Foster, a South African documentary film maker and his almost year long relationship with a common octopus. Suffering from burnout from work, Foster retreats to the sea, a world where as a child he once enjoyed immensely. The waters off the Cape of Storms are cold, 46 °F, but he snorkels the kelp forests there without a wetsuit. On his first outing, he meets an octopus and then proceeds to visit her everyday after. An octopus only lives for about a year, so Foster estimates that he knew her for about 80% of its life. This movie features exceptional photography and combined with his hypnotic narration, offer a moving story of his relationship with this otherworldly creature.  

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