A Walk in the Park

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, George Seurat, 1884

Jugglers on hover boards, couples and tweens, these are a few of things that I have seen. We heard dogs bark and birds sing and children feeling sad. I simply remember to think that my life is a walk in the park and then I don’t feel so bad. So many stories, all on display, on a sunny, if not Sunday, afternoon in the park.

The day was breathless and I had brought the drone along with the intent to fly it, even in Forest Park, where regulations and park rangers (sometimes) prohibit this. These so called Regs are listed on the Forest Park Forever website, a charity dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the park. Even though it is only a nonprofit, I’m sure that it has the full force of the law behind it, except when it doesn’t. Other prohibited activities include running electric scooters on the bike paths. Yeah, right! No swimming in the park. Yeah, Yeah. And no hanging hammocks from the trees in the park. I have seen all these other rules routinely violated, so why not drone flying? Don’t even get me started on cycling laws.

We spent an inordinate amount of time searching for Charles, the Great Horned owl. By now a venerable bird, he is still kicking and a Facebook friend who still tracks him had recently posted pics. His habit is to find a single tree every year, always an evergreen and roost there routinely day-after-day. We never did find Charles, but we did find two Great Blue Herons, who roosted in its vicinity and had chosen to hang with a known predator, rather than the throng of humans who had invaded the park below. At times the park felt as packed as Seurat’s painting. That was Saturday, today Sunday looks to be even finer, but I’ll schedule this to post, before we go out today. So, stay tuned for more to come.

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