I’m So Dizzy

Watch the above movie and it’s easy to feel dizzy. It was shot with the drone spinning above the Compton Heights Bandstand in Tower Grove Park. There is no sound, because that really would be too much. No wonder I crashed the drone soon after. I need to give Anne a major shoutout for coming up with the idea to use a tent pole from Ole Yeller. She must have remembered how long that they were from the countless times that we struggled to set up that tent. Its poles were so long that it practically required a whole high school ball field to set it up in. She was a little leery of using the rest of the tent as a giant cushion for catching the drone, because she did remember what a pain it was to setup. After a couple of years of doing those week long Michigan bike tours, we hit upon the idea of first setting up our camp chairs and sitting for a while, before tackling the tent. That idea put an end to all of the fights that we use to have. There is something to be said for taking a break after riding seventy miles.

Crashing the drone was certainly a boner, but there is no reason to dwell on it. No sense living in the past, time to look forward. Today’s boner is a real turkey though. I had ordered a turkey breast for Christmas dinner. It was supposed to be less than eight pounds. What I got was a full turkey that weighed in at twenty-two pounds. We’re going to have turkey all winter. It’s a good thing that I ordered it when I did, because it is going to take until Christmas to thaw.

We watched Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom last night. It stars Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman. Set in 1920s Chicago, the movie is based on a play by August Wilson. You can tell that is was first a stage play, because of the way the action flows. Almost all of the action occurs within just two rooms of a recording studio. Davis plays Ma Rainey, a blues singer with an attitude and a bit too much eye makeup. Boseman in his final role plays a young up-and-coming trumpet player with enough attitude to match Ma. It was not what I had expected, but it was a good movie. It should have featured more blues though.

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