The Way, Alexander Liberman, 1980

We got a dusting of snow this morning, our first snowfall for the year, but it was hardly anything compared to what the boys are expecting to get later today. Both Boston and NYC are expecting on getting dumped on, with about a foot of snow. I am so jealous. Even though winter doesn’t officially arrive until next week, it feels like it has taken forever to get here, but now it feels like winter. Yesterday, we went to Laumeier for our walk. I brought the drone along, but after only a few minutes of standing in the cold, flying it, I was done. It was cold enough that you had to keep moving to stay warm. Not bringing gloves along didn’t help. It being so cold out kept the people away. The park felt empty at times. 

Face of the Earth #3, Vito Acconci, 1988

It is still cloudy now, but it is supposed to clear by sunset. Guarantying a cold night, but also an opportunity to view the Grand Conjunction, between Jupiter and Saturn. The 21st is the official date, when these two planets will be at their closest, but experts are saying that you should get out now and get an idea of what there will be to see. So, that’s the plan. Sneak a peek after sunset. Get the lay of the land, sort of speak and find a good place to watch them from. They’ll be bright. So, I’m not concerned about the city lights, but they will also be close to the horizon. Finding someplace with a good vantage point might take a night or two. Plus, there is no guaranty that the skies will be clear here on the 21st. We got to view these two giants last summer, when they were just beginning to come together. It would be great to repeat that adventure and this time see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn at the same time.

Anne and I have been going back-and-forth with each other about the bird feeders. Traditionally, we place the feeders in the backyard. The birds seem to like them back there, causing me to have to refill their favorite feeder every day. This year, Anne wanted to colonize the front yard too. So, we put one feeder up front and left the other one in the back. First, we tried the less favorite feeder in the front and that went nowhere. Next, we tried their favorite and a few birds have visited, but after almost going on a week now it is still pretty much full. I tried to mansplain to her that we only have backyard birds, who don’t feel comfortable in the front, but she wasn’t buying it. I just worry about all those poor little birds who have to go hungry, because there is no suitable food for them in the backyard. She can be awfully stubborn at times.

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  1. Bird feeders are best placed at least 30 feet from houses and foot traffic. I’m not sure that is possible in your front yard. Some people like the windowbox style feeder. In any case, if you fill it, they will come. Eventually.

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