Tugs Bellow Bellerive Park

Another boat pic from the day before. Today, we did our neighborhood walk and while in Clayton, two Bald eagles overflew us. We’ve seen the occasional eagle in neighboring Forest Park, but this was a first. Maybe they were lost, maybe growing population pressures have caused them to hunt for new nesting habitat? Who knows? Flying the drone while eagles are about could be a problem. It is small and not particularly fast. Making it easy eagle bait. I’m not too worried in the urban areas, but out in the wild, I am aware of the danger and try to be cautious. Of all the ways that the drone could be lost, by eagle attack at least offers the opportunity of a good story to tell. A fitting epitaph for a drone.

The big news yesterday was that niece Ashlan became engaged to Allen. This is great news and possibly, a sign of a trend. Within our family, her older brother Rey with Becca, started the ball rolling. Dave and Maren followed suit and now we are looking at a hat trick. That’s enough sports analogies for one post. Back in our day there was a similar pairing rush. Once it gets started, It is almost like musical chairs, no one wants to be left standing alone. I expect that after a year of quarantining together, people worldwide will be looking at tying the knot.

Last week’s warm and sunny weather finally got blown east and after a inch of rain has tuned cold and dank. Brisk is the new byword for our daily strolls. It is either keep moving or freeze, not that it is actually below freezing much. The bugs are still out and when we were out at Don Robinson’s Anne cautioned me to be careful about ticks. I thought that was being overly cautious, but I did stay out of the tall grass. Real cold is coming, even if it is a little late this year. The word for the day is hurkle-durkling (from the 18th-century Scottish dialect). It means staying in bed long after it’s time to get up. Now, it is time to step away from the computer and get out and do something.

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