Park Potpourri Redux

The Justin Paul Eckstein

We did another doubleheader of Missouri parks. This time they were both city parks, Bellerive and Carondelet. Both are located in south city. Bellerive is a postage stamp of a park, but it does overlook the Mississippi. The river there is not particularly picturesque. There, it is a working river. It is a marshaling yard for up bound barges. Tugs assemble their tows there, for the upriver journey. This is where they first queue up for Lock & Dam 26 or the Mel Price lock and dam, located just below Alton. It is the first of twenty-six such structures that they’ll pass through as they stair step climb the river. Bellerive was not actually named for the river, as you might think, but for a former French governor.

My drone foray there was relatively short. Yesterday, someone had asked me how many drones have I had. I think that he was surprised when I told him that this was my first. It is easy to fly and has performed like a champ every time. I had removed all of the limits that previously I had imposed and this time I flew it more than a quarter of a mile away. Over the years, I have mostly eschewed investing in high quality, but expensive photographic equipment, but this little drone is a find. If and when I do lose it, I’ll replace it right away.

We headed on to Carondelet Park, this time named after a Spanish governor of Saint Louis. It is the third largest city park, after Forest and Tower Grove. The day was a little dreary, not as warm as before and rain was rolling in later. Its size let us get our steps. We flushed the pictured kingfisher when we first descended upon one of the park’s water features. It was unintentional, we had come to view the ducks. Circling the pond, we eventually came to where it had roosted. I especially love the idea of it turning its back on Missouri fishing regulations. This is probably the best shot that I have ever gotten of a kingfisher. Good enough to resolve the white dot from its eye.

Attention Anglers – Belted Kingfisher

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