Kicked to the Curb

COVID-19 Vaccine Not Yet Available—Walgreens

A sign of the times? You know that someone had to have asked. In fact, more than one someone, because why else the sign? Anyway, more good news today on the vaccine front. Another vaccine was announced—94.5% effective! Making it better than the last, but what if you get one of those 5% or even worse 0.5% shots? Won’t you be disappointed? Still, if everyone else gets theirs you might not even know that you are not protected. Herd immunity being what it is.

Wednesday is our trash day and I have a decision to make. Should I take down my Biden/Harris yard sign or leave it up for another week? Normally, I don’t leave such signs up even this long. If I backed the losing side, I don’t need to be reminded and if as in this case I picked a winner, I don’t want to rub it in too long. That’s being a poor winner. This election took a long time to be called and a certain someone is still unconvinced, but I think that it is high time to move on. Besides, I’ll need the space next week for my outdoor Christmas lights display. So, I pitched the sign. There was a surprise though. An old smoke detector that I had pitch was sounding its alarm. Do I have a toxic waste dump problem?

Tomorrow, it will be two weeks since the election or fourteen days in quarantine time. Anne quibbles that Wednesday will actually be the two week mark, but since we haven’t quarantined from each other since last Tuesday, I think that the question is somewhat moot. To celebrate being Covid free, she went to the salon and got her hair cut (grumble, grumble). Then we went shopping. Curbside that is. I was relieved when I heard that this is what Anne had arranged, because although I don’t want to go into stores, we really can’t let Jeff Bezos have all of our money. I should give the girl more credit. At least that’s what she tells me.

2 thoughts on “Kicked to the Curb

  1. The Regen half of RegenAxe here. Re grumbling about my hair cut:
    We were both masked the whole time.
    There were 2 people in the salon, the stylist and me, almost the entire time. (Another stylist ducked in for about 30 seconds, then left. Oh, and her next client came in as I was leaving.)
    Her grandmother died of Covid in April. My mother died in March, not of Covid.
    She had an asthma attack last week, and got tested for Covid on Tuesday. Same day as I tested, post-election, both tests were negative.

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