Decisions, Decisions…

Decisions, Decisions—Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Coke to Spare

Isn’t it often true in life that there is really only one clear choice? That’s the way I feel and I hope that you do too. We are now one week out from Election Day. We’ve come a long way to get here, but at a week out, it still feels like we have a long way yet to go. I’m not going to argue here for or against either the Republicans or the Democrats. People who know me, know where I stand. For those who don’t know me check my Twitter feed to the right that will give you a clue. I’m not going to come down here against partisanship, either on the left or the right. Quite the contrary, I embrace the partisan divide. Love your enemy and all that. There are some very fine people on both sides. If I’m going to rail here against anything, anyone, I’ll rail against the proverbial undecided voter.

What is with you people, you fence-sitters, you mugwumps? Can’t you make up your minds? Conservatively this election’s campaign has been going on since the day after the last Presidential election, some four years ago or haven’t you noticed? Have you been living under a rock, just returned from outer space or been in a coma for the last four years?  On the oft chance that you have been aware of the ongoing campaign, but still can’t decide between the candidates, let’s compare and contrast. Granted that both candidates are pale, male and stale, but they have totally different political philosophies and temperaments. The choice could not be anymore distinct.

The problem here is not the candidates, not the system, it is you. Did your mom not love you enough as a child? Do you crave the attention? Is your name Ken Bone? Whatever the reason, time is running out for you. In a week you can’t be an undecided voter anymore. You will either be a voter or not. So, decide.

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