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Talk about an October surprise! Not Trump’s midnight tweet, but that WordPress has finally crossed the Rubicon and transitioned away from its classic editor, like it has been threatening to. I’ve been using this editor for more than ten years. I had experimented with the new block editor before returning to old reliable. Now I am not sure how to get back to it or even if something like that is still possible. I can still edit paragraphs in the classic manner. For now that will have to do. It took me half-an-hour today, just to post a picture for tomorrow. It could be worst though, I could be the Donald today.

The Twitterati have been in a roiling froth since last night. Not knowing whether it is better that they should show a modicum of respect or just begin dancing on his grave. Either way you go, you’ve got to admit that karma is a bitch. On the bright side for him, no one is still talking about his performance in the last debate, his taxes, his Supreme Court nominee or any of the other tempests that have been hovering over him in recent weeks. Notorious for his lack of mask wearing, Trump is now his own poster child for his failed Coronavirus strategy.

As of writing he is symptomatic, with both a fever and a cough. Melania, who also tested positive remains asymptomatic. His aid Hope Hicks, who might have spread it to them is in worse shape, with a high fever, cough and has lost her sense of smell. In truth on one knows where or when he contracted the disease. Facts that would be good to know for its treatment. Unlike Melania and Hicks, Trump is in a high ricks category, being both old and obese. He could have contracted the disease before his debate with Joe Biden. By now, the entire Whitehouse has been exposed. In the cramp quarters of the West Wing, where no one wears masks, the only safe guard in place is rapid testing, but only for those who are meeting with the President. They could all have it by now.

Going forward, Trump will have to suspend all of his in-person campaigning for quite a while. Even remote campaigning could prove problematic, where a telltale cough would have massive reverberations. His campaign going dark a month out from the election is a disaster for him and a boon for Biden. Already behind in the polls, unable to capture a reset from the last debate and now having the entire election focused on the one subject that he would least desire, Trump is in deep kimchee. To paraphrase the man, people are saying that something like this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

There! I’ve survived writing a post with the new block editor. It wasn’t easy, but I got it done. I shouldn’t complain too much, because I can already see that it does offer a few advantages over the old editor and since its main disadvantage is my familiarity with it that is something that could be overcome in time.

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  1. I *still* haven’t figured out his apparent thinking that “getting tested every day = not getting the ‘Rona”. Especially since it’s obviously infectious even before one can test positive…

    OH! Right. Science isn’t real. Uh-huh…

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