Turning the Neighborhood from Red to Blue

It has been a few days since we landed back at home and the dust has finally begun to settle. In our absence, Joanie had taken in the mail and looked after the house. Thank you! Included in our mail was the pictured Biden & Harris 2020 campaign sign that Anne is ably modeling. We are pretty much unpacked, almost all of the laundry is done and our larder has been rebuilt. We are settled back at home for the duration.

The first day home, we were not particularly active, but every day after that has featured a 10K step walk. We started with our neighborhood walk, followed by Tower Grove, the Riverlands, Forest Park and today, Shaw Nature Reserve. The weather has been much cooler then it was here when we left. No A/C and no heat either. The opening and closing of windows has kept the house temperature pleasant, both day and night, not too hot and not too cold. Goldilocks!

In other returns Dan and Britt made it back to Brooklyn. They left the cabin a day before us, but got home a day after us. They camped for two nights in Ohio at Hocking Hills State Park. This park features a gorge and waterfalls. They had hoped to fly their drone, but while allowed, restrictions on how you could fly it made using it impractical. Instead, they went for a ten mile hike. They got an odd campsite, accompanied by interesting neighbors, but still had a good time.

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