Point Iroquois Lighthouse

Point Iroquois Lighthouse from Above

Dan and Britt got permission to fly their drone at the lighthouse, but photo aside, there were a lot of other people visiting the lighthouse and they didn’t want to fly over any of them. This and the wind limited their flying time on the grounds. Of particular concern was the pictured flagpole and some old guy driving around on his riding mower, for no apparent reason, since the grass didn’t need cutting.

I watched the first episode of the new HBO-TV Sci-Fi series, Raised By Wolves. It debuted last night, with its first three episodes. Directed by Ridley Scott, who directed the original Alien movie and its latest sequel Prometheus (Which also appeared on HBO this week). While Wolves is not per se part of this Alien universe, it sports a similar, gloomy look and feel. In this dystopian future humanity has divided into two factions, Atheists and people who believe in a vague Christian-like religion. Earth is dying under their war. A pair of androids rocket to a distant planet. On their tiny ship are a dozen human embryos. Dubbed Mother and Father, it is their mission to raise these children as atheists, making them the titular wolves. One-by-one though, the kids perish, either through disease or accident, until only one is left alive. Also, Mother and Father have almost reached their expiration dates, when another spaceship piloted by their religious rivals arrive. It really hits the fan then. This is a lot to pack into one episode and things really go off the rails by the end. I probably will watch some more of this series, but I think that I’ll wait until I’m back home again.

Politics, in particular the presidential race is driving me crazy these days. I careen between hopeful optimism and abject terror. These feelings are part of the reason that I have elected to put-off watching anymore of Wolves just now. There is enough dystopian in the here-and-now, without going looking for more in some alternative future. I pray that we, or at least enough of us will do the right thing and we are not left to casting our seed out upon the interstellar wind.

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