Working Vacation

How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Chuck?

Yesterday, was a work day. In addition to the everyday cabin living household chores, we did a grocery run, followed by recycling and laundry. The main event though was the woodpile. Our man phoned to tell us that he would be by after two. We moved the cord of wood that was still on the woodpile, in order to place the new stuff underneath it. Our wood guy with practiced movement seemingly dropped off two cords of wood from the back of his pickup with ease. Then Anne and I began stacking the new wood. Dan and Britt returned from their escapades in time to help restack the old wood on top. Now we have three cords of firewood. More than enough to last us through this week’s cold snap.

The Finished Product

So, yesterday was a workday that makes today a play day. Right? Well, Mother Nature had other ideas. It is both cold and rainy out, but we are warm and snug inside. Moving from one fire to the next. Doesn’t look like it will be a drone flying day, because after the rain ends, the wind is supposed to begin. There is currently a marine warning stretching from Whitefish Point, pass the cabin, down the St. Mary’s River and emptying out into lakes Huron and Michigan. Basically, it looks like not a good day to be out on the water. Although, it doesn’t look that rough out the window now, on the marine app almost every boat about is hove to. We had two salty’s in the parking lot, the Federal Seto that has been there all night and the Federal Leda that had only just arrived before the pilot’s boat came out for a two-for-one special. Or so I thought, he jumped on the Leda and left the Seto there. Maybe I’m misreading the situation and the Seto’s captain has gotten lucky at the casino. Anyway, the rain passed and the wind began coming up. Looks like we are all set for a bit of a blow tonight.

It seemed too windy and wavy to walk the beach today. So, we walked the road instead. We went to the Birch Point range lights and walked out onto the point, to the front range light. It was very windy there. The Federal government may have an erosion problem on their hands. Along the way, we saw a deer and several kinds of fungi. The wind seems even stronger now that we’re back.

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