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Yellow Swallowtail

As it turned out Anne ended up doing the painting in the bathroom. This freed me up and allowed me to do some cooking. I prepared another batch of Maque Choux or what I call Cajun corn. I love this dish and I have made it often enough that I’ve started to ad-lib a little with the recipe. In particular I now eschew the use of fresh corn for frozen. It is much easier and all of the other ingredients kind of overwhelm the corn anyway. The recipe calls for hot peppers and even though the finished dish is not too spicy, I managed to burn myself by handling them again. My right hand is feeling a little burned. I’m sure though that this little bit of pain will be worth the final product.

In-between spells in the kitchen, I took the RAV4 into the dealer for its first checkup. Going to the cabin, we had finally put enough miles on the car to activate its nag-ware that kept reminding us that it was time for some service. I think all that they did was check on things. The car is still brand new, with barely has 5,000 miles on it after eight months of ownership.

In sense, I am suffering something like buyer’s regret with the RAV4. Don’t get me wrong I still really love our new car, but with the plague it hasn’t been as useful as I had planned it to be. For example, we went from March to June on just one tank of gas. It’s a hybrid, but it doesn’t get that great a mileage! We specifically bought the car to do epic road trips, not to drive just a few miles to the park. In this sense, though no fault of its own is has been a disappointment. A similar thing occurred when we bought the Prius. While we were shopping for that car, gas was pushing five dollars per gallon. Almost as soon as we took delivery though, gas dropped to two dollars per gallon and has been hovering there ever since. I just can’t win for losing.

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  1. Yeah, my vehicle has been holding steady at “30% oil life remaining” since probably February. Not a lot of miles when working from home!

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