Fire at Will

Sea Nettle Jellyfish

Fire at will, free will, where there’s a will, there’s a way—Today, we had a party in our front yard. We invited Art and Caroline, our next door neighbors and some guy named Charlie. The water company’s road crew crashed our party. They were laying fresh asphalt. It kind of stunk. What was the occasion for all this frivolity? We were throwing a will signing party. Our neighbors were our witnesses, Charlie was the mobile notary and the road crew was just there. It was high time that we did this and while now might not have been the best time to do this, but if not now, when? There’s no moment like the last moment. 

Well the County is closing all of its parks today, like the sculpture one that we managed to visit on Monday. I enjoyed our outing to Laumeier. I imagine that the city will soon follow suit. We visited Forest Park yesterday, with its already restricted vehicle access, which was actually kind of nice. They had closed three main roads on the western end of the park that effectively closed our half of the park to cars. We drove close to the park and then walked into the park and then up and down these closed drives. Social distancing was not an issue. In fact, it was eerily empty. I’ve been in the park at five AM, in the dead of winter and there were more people about then than what we saw yesterday. I hope that they don’t close Forest Park. Eliminating golf carts has already made the park’s golf courses almost virtual, but I expect that our city’s crown jewel will soon be shuttered. I imagine that next week, like that British guy, we’ll be reduced to running marathons in our backyard and the week after that in our basement. 

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