The Yolk’s On You

The Yolk’s On You

Well, it’s April 1st, April Fool’s Day, but nobody is laughing, which is a shame. Twitter was all nobody play any pranks or tell any jokes, because… No one can have any more fun any more, as we all wait for the end of the world. If going forward that is to be the attitude, then bring it on. What’s life without laughter? It being the first of the month means that all of my various streaming services have refreshed their selection of offerings, giving me plenty of video to binge.

Anne and I got out today, for an extra long walk. The weather was pleasant, plus there were not a lot of other people around, making social distancing pretty easy. There are plenty of flowers out. One person’s front lawn was covered with Spring Beauties. We get some also, in the backyard, but these must have been cultivated, they were so lush. When we’re out and about, it is nice saying hi to the other pedestrians, from a safe distance.

I spoke with a person from Louisiana and after we had conclude our business, I asked her how are things going down there. It didn’t sound good. People aren’t observing any kind of quarantining. Whole families go the store, instead of just sending one person. “Too many stupid people down here”, she said. By comparison, the epidemic has hardly even gotten going here. We got another InstaCart delivery today. I think that we’re in pretty good shape, at least for a while. Time to let the larder rundown for a few days now.

It is a slow news day and I don’t feel like complaining about the pandemic, the markets or even Trump. Not that that last one doesn’t deserve more complaints. I’m just not in the mood for it today. Stay healthy and stay safe everyone.

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  1. I’ve noticed that as well. Nobody was brave or foolish enough to make any pranks today. 😁 it would be too much for all of us, I guess. 😁

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