Safe Social Intimacy

Safe Social Intimacy

Here is Anne, with her newest old friend. If you ask me, she is a bit of a block head, literally, her head is a solid block of wood. She was one of Dan’s earliest sculpture projects, way back from when he was attending Webster. She “stood” for too many years in the backyard, exposed to wind and rain. This gave her a severe case of spinal scoliosis, so that one day she just toppled over. Ever since, she has been living on our back porch. In this new normal, she has become an old friend again. I mean in these times, you need all of the friends you can get.

Happy faces aside, we’re dyeing here, or at least Anne is. Please note spelling, and don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s a long story, so please bear with me. She had initially begun a memory quilt for her mother, but that effort has now transitioned into a memorial quilt in honor of her. Its principle design is guided by the Finlayson tartan. She had found a place in Scotland that sells this pattern at seventy pounds to the meter. That price offended her Scottish pride, besides she was always way more into to DIY. She is using ribbons to signify the thin red and yellow lines that are part of the pattern. She had no problem getting the red ribbon, but could not find any yellow ones. She did get white ones though. Her initial plan was to use one of her fabric magic markers to color the white ribbon yellow, but the prospect of this task seemed too daunting. Enter plan B. She cooked the white ribbon in a concoction featuring turmeric. Think, bubble, bubble toil and trouble if you like, but the product came out pretty good. She even had enough yellow dye left over to tie-die two old white t-shirts. They also came out looking good. She is such a crafty person. 

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