Breaking Quarentine

We are adjusting to the new normal. i.e. keeping to ourselves. We did leave the house today and drive up to the Riverlands for some bird watching. Pictured are the two most notable sightings. We did converse with a few other birders, but at a safe social distance. While the Riverlands were relatively quiet, it being a cold and somewhat dreary Sunday, the other drivers, both to and fro, were crazy. It was good to get out though, if only for a little bit.

Every time we visit the Riverlands, it is interesting to see what the rivers are doing. This time, it looked like the Mississippi was down considerably, but I noticed that the road to Ted Jones State Park was closed for flooding. I can only assume that the Missouri is in flood. Ted Jones is at the Confluence of these two major rivers and if one is not flooding, then the other one must be. Checking the USGS hydrological data, indicated that the Missouri is in flood and was earlier this week high enough to be “actionable”, whatever that means.

Escapes to the great outdoors are relatively risk free from the epidemic and do so much to restore sanity. Trips like today’s may eventually become prohibited, but I hope not. That would be most unfortunate. 

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