Powerful Medicine

Lakota Doctor’s Bag, 1890

Love in the time of corona. I’m going to wash those germs right off my hands. I will survive! All possible future blog post titles in these most unusual of times. Now, for the news. Dan texted us that his carpenter/reality TV gig in LA is still a go. They messaged him, asking for his apron size. We both had the same initial response, aprons come in sizes? Who knew? He may have to up his wardrobe game, for this job, but on the other hand, maybe just add a few new accessories. That apron ought to hide a host of sins. Wardrobe! We have an emergency here.

In other news, the Oceana Cruise Line has been sending me catalogs for years now. They are always colorful and glossy, with fantastic, to die for photos. Now literally. They come regularly. At the height of the cruise booking season, I must get a new catalog from them every week. I don’t know how or why I got on their mailing list. I’ve never taken a cruise, I’ve never had much interest in taking one and these days, even the thought of cruising makes me want to run to the sink to wash my hands. This week I received not one, but two Oceana catalogs. The first one featured cruises around Italy and the second one—wait for it—was all about cruises near China. For years, I’ve dismissed these catalogs as simply junk mail, but now I’m afraid that they might be out to get me.

Today is Pi Day, so named in honor of today’s date, 3.14. Anne is celebrating the day by wearing her new Pi t-shirt. It was a Christmas present from her sister Jay. It is mainly green, with many of the infinite digits of the number pi written all over it. It also features the Greek symbol π in white, emblazoned across her chest. Because it is a green t-shirt, it would also be suitable for St. Patrick’s Day.

Unfortunately, both of the Saint Louis St. Patty’s Parades have been cancelled, due to the epidemic. Likewise yesterday, the County forbade all gatherings of over 250 people. This closed the remainder of our theater series. The Earth Day festival was cancelled, except for some sort of virtual incarnation, making it the first carbon neutral Earth Day that we’ve ever experienced here in Saint Louis. It looks like Netflix and chill will be the order of the day, for days to come.

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