1900 Stock Ticker

I saw this Western Union stock ticker, circa 1900 in the Smithsonian last year. I knew that when I snapped its picture that a day such as today would eventually arrive and the need for this image would become evident. With the largest point drop ever, in the 268 year long history of the NYSE, today was just such a day. This precipitous drop triggered the market’s circuit breakers, briefly halting trading. but their relief was only temporary. I’m sure that this crash was caused by all of those Democratic naysayers, who have sown fear and panic and has nothing to do with the policies of our illustrious Dear Leader. Not!

Trump holding a fundraiser for himself today as the stock market crashes and Coronavirus cases increase is a symbol of his entire presidency. After his golfing weekend, I am reminded of this 2014 Trump tweet, “It is almost like the United States has no President—we are a rudderless ship heading for disaster. Good luck, everyone!” That tweet didn’t age well. All it needs is for this metaphorical ship of state to be a Princess cruise ship, to make the irony complete.

Closer to home, the father of the woman first diagnosed in Missouri with the Coronavirus broke quarantine this last weekend, when he took his other daughter to a father-daughter dance. Two high schools are now closed to help quarantine his disregard for public health. Health officials have warned this Ladue man that any further containment infractions will meet with criminal action. It is a quirk of Saint Louis that one of the first questions that one is asked, when meeting another resident is, what high school did you go to? Not being a native, I was initially taken aback by this question, until I broke the code. This query is shorthand used to stereotype a person’s social-economic class. The two high schools that are closed are both high end private schools and Ladue is one of the wealthiest communities in the area. All of which leads me to believe that this individual is wealthy, self-entitled and doesn’t care about anybody, but himself. Does this sound like anyone else that you’ve heard of?

4 thoughts on “#TrumpCrash

  1. actually it was caused by the Russian and Saudi Arabia pissing contest regarding OIL. Blaming Trump for a Coronavirus is really a bogus, illogical argument. No one has immunity to a new virus including the USA – regardless who is president. To use this as a political broad axe is expected from the Left but pathetic at best. The stock market has been riding the Bull for a very long time. History shows it is due for a correction and will eventually return to Bear country at least for a time. The Elites who run for president in this country are all at minimum millionaires and they will never live like the rest of us folks. Anyone who believes otherwise is just plain kidding themselves. Sanders is a Marxist and Biden is clearly out to lunch and slipping into forgetting who is he, where he is, and what he doing in front of a mic. Good luck in Nov. – you’re going to need it. 🙂

  2. Well gee whizz! Mark, I guess yer little blog is followed by at least one bridge-dwelling revisionist. We live in interesting times. Keep doin what yer doin.
    Oh, and wash yer hands!

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