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We hadn’t spoken with the boys, like in forever, when last night we got calls from both of them, after some prompting on our part. They are both doing fine. They had some news to relate, but all of the really good parts, they specifically forbade me from putting on the blog. I find that these things come out in time.

Dan is working hard as a union man. This means getting up at five to answer a 6 AM call. He’s building sets for several different TV shows. Usually as a fill-in for some else who is out sick or something. He doesn’t know from one day to the next where he will be working tomorrow, but other than that fact, the amount of work is pretty steady. He seemed really tired and opened our conversation with a yawn. Those early morning set calls are really not his cup of tea. He did offer me one out. If I could find other corroborating evidence, out on the web, then I could mention something that he said. He is so into protecting the intellectual property of his employers. Well, after clearing my Deep Throat, here we go. One of the shows that he has worked is called Faces.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this yet to be released Apple TV series will star Julianne Moore and co-star Clive Owen. JJ Abrams is producing it and Stephen King is writing the show’s scripts. They are still looking for a director. King’s involvement certainly hints at the series’ supernatural overtones. The set that Dan was working on was huge. Faces is described as “a deeply personal thriller that follows Lisey (Moore) two years following the death of her husband. The story explores a series of events that causes her to begin facing amazing realities about her husband that she had repressed and forgotten.”

Our other phone conversation was with Dave. He has settled into his new job and it being a job-job, he now has more money. He was thinking about getting a new car, but instead now is looking for a new apartment and leaving his current bohemian digs, in the attic of an East Cambridge house. This hunt is not for the faint of heart. In Boston, landlords usually command three months rent, first month’s, last month’s and a security deposit. And on top of this the frequent need to hire a broker and you are talking about four months rent or about $10K. He does have some friends, who are planning on leaving Boston and if he can snag their apartment, then he shouldn’t need to pay for a broker. It is in West Cambridge, in a more upscale neighborhood. Stay tuned for more news later.

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