Snorkeling at Trunk Bay

Snorkeling at Trunk Bay

Compared to the last few days, today was supposed to be a laid back one. We slept in for a change and just laid about on the beach, in between snorkeling trips, which I guess does constitute exercise.

We hailed a taxi as it was pulling out of Cruz Bay that after a couple of stops, dropped us off at Trunk Bay. We got to ride in the truck’s cab. This gave us the opportunity to speak with the driver, who was full of great advice. It’s always nice to talk with the locals.

We rented snorkeling gear and a locker, then we were off to the beach. Trunk Bay is the go to beach in the Virgin Islands, but being so good, it I also very popular with the tourists. Meaning that it was crowded, but not too much so. At Trunk Bay there is an underwater snorkeling trail that we followed. We saw lots of sea beasties and tried to photograph them. It remains to be seen how well we did with that.

After lunch, we swam again, but by then the cruise ship crowd had arrived. Making the reef very crowded. They didn’t stay long though and soon the beach was emptying out again, but we were hearing the siren song of town by then too.

Another taxi dropped us off in town at a shopping center called Mongoose Junction. Like other animals, the mongoose was introduced to the islands. It was brought here to control the rats, which were also introduced here. But the rats are nocturnal and the mongoose is diurnal and never their paths did meet.

At the junction, I started playing with my phone, while Anne quickly disappeared into the shops. After a while, I went looking for her, but quickly abandoned that effort, after a couple of shop girls, at different stores told me the same thing, without me ever saying a word, “She just left.” I guess that I was a marked man or maybe just a man.

I did find her and we checked out one more store, an outfitter for sea kayaking. We signed up for a tour to Hurricane Hole on the far side of the island. It is named so, because this is where the island’s boats go to ride out a hurricane.

Then dinner. We were running too late for any Happy hour specials. Walking back to the apartment, we paused on Gallows Point for photos of what turned out to be a rather ho-hum sunset. A woman passed us and asked if we were going to the art party?

Our host Bob had already clued us to this event, it was almost over, but with a second nudge, we took the plunge down the hill to Elaine’s art party on Gallows Bay. It was great! We met Kent again, our ranger hike guide from yesterday and Anne bought a painted floral tile. So much for an easy day.