Sunset Ferry Boat Cruise

Sunset Ferry Boat Cruise

Yesterday’s travels met with one little snafu near the end. Even though our taxi driver drove like a bat out of hell, we still just barely missed the five o’clock ferry. It was pulling away as we walked into the terminal. This snafu met with some minor scheduling hiccups, with Bob our host, but then we would have missed this lovely sunset. Anyway, it all worked out in the end.

This morning, we met Bob for another lift. This time to the market to load up on provisions. Then a late breakfast back at the apartment and then we were off to begin our tropical vacation proper.

We marched down the hill, past Gallows Point and across Cruz Bay, to the National Park HQ. There we learned that the Reef Bay ranger hike is booked for the rest of the week, but because they usually get so many no shows, we still have a chance. We’ll try that tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a tough hike.

Today, we hiked to Honeymoon Bay via The Lind Trail, about two miles round trip. It was supposed to be flat and easy, instead it seemed hilly and rocky. Honeymoon Beach was nice, what with white sand, palm trees and blue water. We waded and swam until the riptides became too much. We never did get any snorkeling in though.

Back in Cruz Bay we dined early. In Florida, they call this an early bird dinner special. We call it Happy hour. We loaded up on appetizer specials and ate well and quite cheaply. We headed back to the apartment, but paused to hangout at Gallows Point and watch the sunset. Get it, we hung out there?