Spirit Shields

According to the curators of the Smithsonian who prepared these two artifacts:

Native American warriors sought protection, strength and courage from spiritual beings that they worshipped and believed controlled their universe. If these beings manifested themselves to a warrior during a vision quest, the warrior would paint the visionary experience on his shield. Before a battle, he would respectfully call upon his spirit helpers for assistance. During the actual battle, a shield was the strongest spiritual protection a warrior carried. A warrior’s shield gave him specific powers. Only a shield’s owner had full knowledge of the symbolism, songs and rituals associated with it. The two bear paws painted on the first shield suggests that its owner invoked the spiritual power of bears. The second shield shows the battle exploits of Chief Hump. Hump was a prominent Lakota warrior at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

For Native Americans, in war, as in life there is a religious element. The same cannot be said for the current Administration. Last week, they wagged the dog, to distract from the latest doc drop related to impeachment. Missed it? Mission Accomplished! That’s OK, Cadet Bone Spur has marched us off to fight another unwinnable war, for his own personal interests. Why should I believe anything else? After he has told 15,000+ lies in office, why should I believe anything he says? You know how I know when he is lying? His lips are moving.

Now, good American men and women will die, just to serve his own private political benefit. He cares nothing for this country or anything, but himself. Before he was elected, he projected upon Obama, what he has just done himself, attack Iran to get reelected. Assassinating Iran’s number two man was an act of war and was way out of proportion to anything that was done to provoke it. He hopes to leverage this conflict to facilitate his reelection. He will do anything to get reelected. No criminal act is too low for him now and may God help us if he succeeds. Then there would not even be a prayer to shield us from destruction. 

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