Snow Day

Winter Landscape near a Village, Hendrick Avercomp, 1610

When the Saints Ambrose, Boniface… Vincent, came marching in, we find that we are in their number. No school today, but not much snow either. Why when I was a kid, they wouldn’t even think of closing school unless there was a foot of snow on the ground. OK, Boomer. I suppose that a hardy throng of just released kids have already tramped up Art Hill and trampled what little snow was there, but at 11 °F, it is too cold for me to even fetch the paper. Maybe later. I put the bird feeders up on Sunday and the big tube feeder is already half depleted. I’ll probably have to refill it this afternoon. If pigs had wings… They roost in the bush sheltered by the back porch and make quick dashes to the feeders and back. It’s a sunny day that looks inviting, but I think that it is one best enjoyed through the windows, from inside. Anne’s plans for this unexpected holiday is quilting. She has three that she is working simultaneously. With this unexpected company, I look forward to a full day of pestering the wife. I suppose that I could start getting ready for Thanksgiving. We’ll have a full house, Dan, Dave and Maren, but I think that pestering the wife sounds like more fun.

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