Bleeding Red, White and Blue

Bleeding Blue

Author Jane Smiley wrote a love letter to Saint Louis, her hometown that was published in today’s New York Times. A former Saint Louis resident, she returned to town for her 50th high school reunion. Like all true loves, Smiley’s article describes both her likes and dislikes about Saint Louis, offering a frank assessment of the town’s greatest problem, race. At times, her article often reads like a travel log, where she enumerates all of the attractions that she visited. What results is a good overview for visitors. 

I biked in the park today. The fountain in front of the history museum is dyed blue in honor of last season’s Stanley Cup win by the Saint Louis Blues hockey team. Their new season just got under way. It could have been dyed red instead, in honor of the Saint Louis Cardinal’s playoff bid. Although, it is much safer to celebrate a championship already won, than one that may never come. After the first two games of their NLCS, this seems like a wise decision, but tonight the Redbirds have a chance to staunch their bleeding and hopefully score some runs.

All of this is preamble to our soon to be hosting of house guests. This is the best time to visit Saint Louis. When its weather is the most agreeable. Saint Louis is a town twice cursed by the weather gods, with a Southern summer and Northern winter, but in-between, especially in the Fall, the weather gods give us a break.

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