Great Hall of the Library of Congress

To my mind during the past two years and nine months of his presidency, Donald Trump has done plenty to warrant his impeachment. All that has come before though, has been overshadowed in the last week, with what has come to be called the Ukraine scandal. Bribery, extortion and treason have been alleged, but because the administration has refused to release the whistleblower’s complaint to Congress, we are left with only allegations to contend with. Their refusal to inform Congress of this report is part of a much broader pattern where the administration has systematically stonewalled House requests for information on a large number of subjects. Subjects that Congress has the constitutional duty to investigate. This cover-up alone is more than sufficient to open a formal impeachment investigation. Plainly put, it is obstruction, which was more than enough to force Nixon’s removal. If through the course of an investigation additional criminal acts are discovered, like trying to extort Ukraine into make false charges against the leading Democratic presidential candidate, then the articles of impeachment can be amended. No man is above the law and certainly not a public servant.

Great Hall Ceiling, Library of Congress

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