Fly, United!

Fly, United!

Saturday night, we attended a party. It was for Don. Because so much of his life also spanned mine, I was in the unique position of knowing almost everyone there. It was great fun, I only wish that he could have made it too. Today, Anne and I enjoyed a halal lunch on South Grand, in prelude to visiting the gardens. We got our steps in and quite a few nice photos too.

While reviewing current TSA screening rules for carry on, in preparation for an upcoming flight, Anne discovered the following guidelines: foam swords – no, light sabers – yes (May the force be with you!), books – yes (May require additional screening…?), live fish – yes (Carry on only), tactical pens (?) – no (Apparently, the pen is mightier than a light saber.), artificial skeleton – yes (Check with your airline, additional seating may be required.), body armor – yes, bowling balls – yes, baseball bats – no (Sorry, Carl.), bread maker – yes, hiking poles – no, cymbals – yes, emergency position-indicating radio beacons – check with your airline, hookahs – yes and shock collars – yes. Knitting needles, crochet hooks and scissors less than 4” are allowed. Anne and her ladies’ sewing circle and terrorist society will be so pleased. Wait a minute, I don’t have room in my roller bag for a bread maker…

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