A Lazy (Photoshop Haze Removed) Summer’s Day

The boys are on the move today. Dan leaves NYC by car and Dave flies from Boston. They should make Ann Arbor sometime tonight. Then tomorrow they drive up here to the cabin. Everyone is looking forward to seeing them. When they arrive, I will no longer be the baby of Curmudgeon Court. That’s OK.

Yesterday, we feted Harry for his birthday. Because it was his birthday, he was entitled to torture his wife, by first piling most of the furniture from the Great pretty good Room in front of her on the hearth. He then threatened to also add the couch that she was seated on. In the end, it was the whine of the vacuum that drove her from the cabin, but because it was his birthday, he was entitled. Anne made her now legendary hummingbird cupcakes. There should still be plenty left to share with the boys. We took Harry out to dinner at the Great so-so Wall, a Chinese buffet. In the evening, I asked him if he had had a good birthday. He said, “Yes, there were no arguments.”

The photo is from one of the nicer parts of yesterday. Afterwards, thunderstorms in the form of a marine warning rolled across the lake making for a dramatic view until this line of storms rolled over us too. In the evening, it became quite still and a bit oppressive, but at sometime during the night, the wind came up and today we are experiencing quite a blow. Cabin weather, as Anne calls it. 

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