Dueling Drive-Ins

Race Pennants

We’ve always gone to Clyde’s. There are two drive-ins in the Soo, Clyde’s and West Pier. Anne’s mom graduated from high school, the same year Clyde did, but of late West Pier has been getting a fair amount of critical acclaim. So, I figured that we should at least try it out. Located in the former Soo Line railroad freight depot, it was a little hard to find at first, but it is located almost beneath the International Bridge, at the west end of tourist row, also-known-as Portage. We arrived at noon to a full lot. It looked like there was limited seating inside and no outside seating, so we ate in the car. It wouldn’t be our first time for that. It was as good as advertised and I should have heeded the warnings about their huge portions. In the end, it is still a close call. I like Clyde’s ambiance, which you can read as the seagulls, but in order to ensure that their diner is really the best, further research is required.

No Rollerblading
No Skateboarding
No Snowboarding

After lunch, we hit the marina to checkout the boats for tomorrow’s Trans-Superior sailboat race. I keep wanting to call it the Trans-Siberian. At the marina, we saw the above warning sign, only in Sault Ste. Siberia. Crews were getting ready for the race. One crew had the tiniest marine toilet that I’ve ever seen, ready for installation. There are two 70′ boats and they’ll go head-to-head and after about 36 hours, one of them will be the winner in Duluth. The other twenty 40′ boats hope to finish in about 48 hours. Then after a night of revelry in Minnesota and a corresponding amount of  time to get back, we’ll likely see them all after their return run. After the marina at Meijer’s we saw what looked like one of the 70′ boat’s twelve man crew. They were loading two pickups full of food for the journey. I hope that that new little toilet is up to it all. 

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