A Superior Sunset

A Superior Sunset

It rained last night and it was a pretty good rain at that. We are on the sleeping porch, where there is no insulation, so the rain falls hard on the roof, making quite the racket. I was awakened and decided to get up to pee. I got as far as the doorway between the great room and the kitchen, when I saw the telltale light peeking out from beneath the bathroom door. It was occupado. I could then hear Bubs humming. It was too wet to want to venture outside, so I decided that I didn’t really need to go and headed back to bed. Climbing back into bed, I heard the toilet flush, so I kept a listening ear for the distinctive rattle of the hollow core doors. I soon heard it bump, but then I heard Bubs call out, “Who’s there?” and then, “Who the hell is there?” I can only surmise that she must have bumped the bathroom door by accident and thought that it was someone else knocking. I am convinced that Bubs hears pretty well. She just has problems understanding.

After the rain quit, the wind came up and for a while this afternoon, we were under a gale warning. They were predicting 40 knot wind gusts. We lucked out though and the bad weather missed us completely. It’s still kind of windy out, but not dangerously so. It’s almost a beach day.

Following up on yesterday’s mosquito post, I read in the new New Yorker today, a book review of Timothy Winegard’s new book, The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator. He is the author of the NY Times article that I quoted from yesterday that I guess he wrote as sort of a promo for his book that comes out next week. The book review takes exception to Winegard’s habit of blaming mosquitoes for everything bad that has occured in human history.

I looked up mosquitofish. They are indigenous to the Mississippi River valley, but are considered invasive on the Great Lakes. Where they’ve been introduced, it has been with mixed results. They frequently displace other predators and often disrupt the ecology when doing so. Still, I could order a twenty pound bucket of them from Amazon and have it delivered here this week. Just in time for the next mosquito hatch, that will be resulting from last night’s rain. 😉

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