Lazy Monterey Days

White Harbor Seal Napping at Low Tide

A little down time was in order, although we did get out on Sunday. We went to Asilomar and by luck caught the beach at low tide. Chris flew his drone and Anne and I did some tide pooling. We later decamped to Lovers Point, just to get the full Monterey tourist experience. Finally, we stopped at In-N-Out Burger for lunch. It was mobbed, but the food was really good. I guess the two are related. I had some problems getting out of the parking lot though, a shuttle bus had parked me in, but Chris got it to move. All-in-all it was a better experience than Dave had on his last trip to In-N-Out. At least the car wasn’t broken into.

For dinner, Dad made Mom’s stuffed peppers and they were delicious. We also watched the last Ms. Fisher episode. It was hot, with no wind, but not quite Death Valley hot. Afterwards, Chris took pictures of Monterey spread out below us, from one of the house’s balconies, on this evening with a gorgeous sunset.

Monday morning dawned bright and early. I took the Prius into the dealer for an oil change and Anne accompanied me to do laundry. Kind of a plebeian day, but with so many days on the road, housekeeping chores become part of the holiday regime. In the dealership waiting room, I filled in the next hole in our itinerary’s accommodations. This hiatus in Monterey has been a welcome relief from the rigors of the road, but now, I need to get back on the road again. I’m channeling Willie Nelson here. After all, we’re only halfway done with this epic road trip.

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