Droning On

One is not alike

We went to Garrapata State Beach, which is situated along the coastal highway, between Carmel and Big Sur. This beautiful beach is bordered by rugged and picturesque California coastline. We were unexpectedly stopped near here on Friday, when roadwork caused a construction delay at the Bixby Bridge, but we stopped short of the bridge this time. Chris deployed his drone or at least tried to. After only a few minutes of flight time, he decided that it was too windy to have it out. I snapped this photo of it airborne along with two passing pelicans, who were checking it out. Chris then brought the machine back to us and I snagged it by one leg.

Last month, Chris published his first drone video, Fly Me to Garrapata that I have also previously posted. Although today’s outing wasn’t all that successful, he already has additional footage of his drone flying under the Bixby Bridge and some video of his drone approaching the Point Sur Lighthouse and plans on flying around it one day. He has already extensively photographed the central coast using still photography and it makes sense that shooting aerial video in the same space offers many more possibilities and should provide a deep vein for him to mine in the future. There is just so much action along this active coast.

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