The Devils Golf Course

The Devils Golf Course

We interrupt this epic western road trip for a political rant. In Death Valley, one of its many dried salt pans is called the Devils Golf Course. I don’t know why this feature got this name. There is a perfectly normal golf course down the valley road, but wind has caused this salt pan to form a jagged sea of rock salt that is both delicate and dangerous. Cuts and broken bones have resulted from people who have tried to walk on it.

This otherworldly scenery creates a landscape that is so mind-bendingly weird that only one person comes to mind as a potential developer for this property. Folks, I give you the future site of Trump International – Death Valley. All true sycophants would be more than willing to drop dollars and spend time here too. They would be honored to receive a 4 PM tee time, even if it is 112 degrees. I’m just saying, it’s already named after him.

Meanwhile, here in Monterey, we are beset with other demons from the links. The PGA is putting on the US Open at Pebble Beach next week, but all the hubbub that usually accompanies these events is already in full swing. The place is way more crowded than usual and it hasn’t even started yet. I would say that it is just bad timing on our part, but it is also peak season here, so it would be crowded anyway. It is one of the big little lies about Monterey that summer is the best time to come. Spring and fall have better weather and fewer people.

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